Obermeyer Innovations

A Legacy of Innovation

Obermeyer has introduced product innovations 
and the latest imports to the ski industry since the very 
beginning, and our innovative spirit  continues today.

1947   Dual construction ski boot (soft and warm on the 
           inside, strong, durable and rigid on the outside)

1948   Crafting a down parka (Using his own goose down comforter)
            High-Altitude sun tan lotion

1949   Ski sweaters (imported from Germany)

1951   Pre-shaped ergonomic gloves

1952   Turtleneck & zip turtlenecks

1954   First “Flow” boot (from a viscous liquid “car grease”)

1958   Quilted Parkas (fabric shavings from a textile factory)

1960   Mirrored sunglasses (French precision ground lenses)

1961   Nylon windshirts/Boot fit press

1962   Side-zip warm-up pants

1963   First ski fashion advertisement in SKI magazine

1965   Stretch ski pants utilizing Schoeller fabrics

1966   Double lens goggles

1974   Two-pronged ski brakes

1975   Implementation of waterproof/breathable fabrics

1978   Seam sealing fabrication technology

1982   Obermeyer “I-Grow” Extended Wear Systems

1988   First Goretex® Waterproof/Breathable shell lining

1993   Double seat and knees in pants

2002   Anti-microbial fabrics with wicking properties

2007   Sustainable fabrics with 48% recycled textiles