Ergonomic Zipper Pulls

Easy grip zipper pulls

Of all the parts of a piece of outerwear that get the most use, the zipper stands alone as the one thing which is most frequently used. Because of this, Obermeyer incorporates reliable and smooth zippers exclusively for the past 67 years - YKK.

Of course we all aware of a garment's center front zipper, but Obermeyer also carries over that matchless quality in everything from hidden pockets to media pockets and backs them all with our Lifetime Warranty. From the Aquaguard waterproof zippers to the Aquaguard Vislon zippers, we build our garments with the very best closure mechanisms available.

Topping off the unmatched quality of our zippers, we include a custom designed, coordinating zipper pull to add a subtle design element which also improves functionality by making our zippers easily gripped with gloved hands.