Ski Trip Checklist

Key reminders before heading out

Klaus Obermeyer with friends flying Aspen Airways, 1954
Klaus Obermeyer with friends flying Aspen Airways, 1954

Technical Base Layers to stop the cold from getting to your core.

Wool Socks will keep you dry and happy all day long.

Breathable mid layers help to regulate your body temp so you can ski all day.

The right ski pants will keep you warm and dry so you never want to call it quits early.

Ski jacket! Everyone experiences weather conditions differently, that’s why we have designed a wide variety of jackets with insulation and fabric properties for you to choose the right jacket for your needs.

Gloves & Mittens are the first line of defense in your fight against the cold. Staying warm means staying happy!

Make sure to pack a neck warmer/balaclava for when the wind whips up

For the strong sun of the high mountains don’t forget to pack sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm.

When it’s time to hit the lodge remember to take along your Après ski sweater, we have a great selection to choose from while lounging by the fire!

Goggles to see where you’re going when the snow is flying!

Protect that noggin, pack your helmet!