Material Science

Fabric Technology

The material science in fabric technologyWhen skiing and riding the entire body is in a constant state of motion and with those dynamic changes in position and movement, having a fabric that can move and stretch in harmony with those things is key.

At Obermeyer, we use stretch fabrics extensively in our products. Not only do our shell fabrics include stretch but their underlying insulation and linings also bring stretch to the game. With Thinsulate® Platinum Flex insulation we are able to provide enhanced mobility and stay at the forefront of cutting edge, motion-focused ski and snowboard performance.

Not stopping short with just the performance, at Obermeyer we also make sure that we take texture matching to a different level; from heather fabrics to herringbones, performance and a continually evolving style progress hand in hand.

To ensure that the fabrics we source at Obermeyer are the absolute best and most advanced possible, we constantly monitor our suppliers and push them to always strive for improvement and increased durability while still maintaining our ultra-high level of performance.