Lightweight. Warm. Motion Specific.

Since comfort is one of, if not the most, key ingredients in ski wear we strive to make sure that our insulated pieces can stand up to the rigors of a long day on the hill putting in a lot of work just as well as on a super cold day with lots of time on the lift. Since each person’s body is so unique with how much heat is produced and how the body either stores or gets rid of it, it is imperative that we account for as many scenarios as possible. Add to that the fact that all of us have different levels of aerobic activity on skis and we take the variable to an entirely different level of complexity.

At Obermeyer our main goal when creating outerwear that is meant for intensive aerobic activity is versatility to account for a wide variety of people and conditions. To do this, we incorporate body mapping in our insulation as well as intelligent venting which eliminates cold spots while at the same time allowing the body to regulate itself when the intensity level rises.

Obermeyer is proud to offer the very best in a new generation of insulation products from brands that are the gold standard in the field. Each of the independent companies used for our insulation offers a unique product which we build into our apparel depending on the goal of the piece. With the goal of any insulation being trapping air and creating a layer of dead air space, the true challenge is to trap air but maintain a light weight and the ability to be compressible.

The technologies we incorporate into our insulated ski wear are: Thinsulate, which offers the very best stretch insulation; Primaloft offers the ideal active product for quick moisture management and high clo retention when wet; Thermore is an Italian company that manufactures premium insulation with superior drape and optimum synthetic down performance. Obermeyer uses the very best of the best insulation technologies available in our insulated ski jackets to keep you comfortable no matter the conditions.